The National Company for Mechanical Systems (NCMS) is a limited liability Company (LLC) registered in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2006. NCMS was established to participate effectively in the national efforts toward knowledge based economy and nationalization of technology. Therefore, NCMS main target is to possess all required capabilities to provide clients with a total technical and management support from product design and development to production systems and hence maximizing our share of nationwide development projects.

NCMS started in producing precision mechanical parts for maintenance and spares requirements for both the private and government sectors especially for old equipment and obsolete systems that have no manufacturer support. In addition, we intend to supply the technical knowhow and services for product design, prototyping, testing and analysis. Later, we will be in a position to provide the necessary knowledge for production planning and facilities requirements and can – based on our customer requirements- undertake limited production for precision mechanical parts.

The company started its actual work in 2009 by establishing technical capabilities in the field of mechanical engineering and manufacturing process. Currently, our main activity is the establishment of engineering and production facilities for product development and precision spares and tools.

Experts in the areas of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and engineering management lead our company. Our management team has had long academic service as well as excellent practical experience in working closely with different industrial and government sectors.

Our company with its acquired technical and engineering facilities along with skilled Saudi engineers and technicians in cooperation with newly emerging university based technical companies such as Riyadh, Jeddah and Dhahran techno-valleys and KAUST will provide the necessary technical services and know how that a starting local knowledge based economy needs.

We also intend to provide for a much needed high quality technical services for the ever increasing water desalination and treatment plants beside oil and petrochemical industries. Currently we have contracts with Saudi Arabian government agencies, and we are seeking to leverage our capability to cover more private sector markets especially major industry concerns and research centers.